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Baroque Ballet

Our project
"Baroque Ballet"

La Belle Danse, the French dance style of the early
18th century, formed the essential social dance repertoire of a well-trained aristocracy and bourgeois upper class.

But it also had a decisive influence on stage dance, especially the style serieux. Thus it also forms the essential basis of the later classical ballet.

Advanced training workshops for
dance pedagogues

Due to its wide technical range and its closeness to ballet, this style is an ideal addition and extension to the repertoire of ballet schools and dance institutes.

With introductory seminars with international experts we want to give interested dance teachers an introduction to this exciting material and show its suitability for ballet schools.

With further training offers we want to present new dance material in a pedagogically well usable form.

Introductory workshop 17 - 18 February 2024

with Guillaume Jablonka, France
in Munich, Germany

The course is organized in cooperation with the German Federal Association for Dance Education (DBfT).

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